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How to package a binary provided by python2 and python3

Hello all,

I'm currently packaging two similar python libraries rasterio [1] and fiona [2].
Both libraries provide a python library and a command line tool that
uses this library.
 Since both libraries can be build and used in both python 2 and 3 I
created two packages:
python-rasterio and python3-rasterio (and python-fiona,
python3-fiona). My question is what I should do with the binary
'/usr/bin/rio' (or /usr/bin/fiona'): I certainly don't want to have a
conflict between both library packages by including it in both. I see
a number of options here:
* include one binary in python-rasterio and discard it from python3-rasterio
* create a seperate package (eg python-rasterio.rio or
python-rasterio-bin) with the binary, but only for python2
* create two separate binary packages which conflict (seems worst option to me)
* create two packages containing the binary which don't conflict, but
rename the binary ie one is /usr/bin/rio and the other /usr/bin/rio3

Is there any policy/recommended workflow here?



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