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Re: libLAS 1.8.0

On 08/04/2014 11:59 PM, Ross Gammon wrote:
> Update - pktools was not building at all. Gilles' patch for the hdf5
> transition seems to fix that. Ran out of time to test against libLAS 1.8.0.
> But rather than a binNMU, it looks like we should do a general tidy up
> of pktools. There are a few things that can be fixed (FTBFS new arches,
> watch file, lintian etc.). I will get back on it when I return unless
> someone beats me to it.

Gilles Filippini was in a hurry to move the HDF5 transition along and
uploaded a NMU of pktools that only included his HDF5 patch that you
commited to git.

I've asked him to the cancel the NMU because the change is already in
git but just not uploaded yet. He canceled the upload, so we can further
get pktools in shape before a team upload (instead of an NMU).

The FTBFS on arm* seems to be the same as reported in #588887 for
libfann, I haven't pinpointed the fix yet though.

I've addressed some of the lintian issues, but I'm not looking forward
to fixing all the lintian issues. Especially writing the many man pages
and overhauling the libraries to use symbols files and separate packages
for each library.

What was on your TODO list for pktools?

I don't think we should wait much longer to upload the recent changes.

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