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libLAS 1.8.0

As you may have seen, I've updated the liblas packaging with the 1.8.0
upstream release.

The remaining patches were forwarded upstream, and quickly applied
there. A 1.8.1 release may be out soon which will include this changes,
but no sooner than one week from now.

Howard Butler asked if we wanted the .1 release before the freeze, but I
don't think that needed already. I also won't have much time the next
two weeks for packaging as I need to dedicate that time to my NM process.

Since pktools is the only reverse dependency of liblas at this time, I
don't think we need to do more than verify that it still works with
libLAS 1.8.0 after which we can move it from experimental to unstable
and request a binNMU for pktools from the release team.

If libLAS 1.8.1 is released soon, we may want to upload that to unstable

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