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Re: josm + jmapviewer 1.03 (was: Re: jmapviewer 1.03)

Hey Felix,

sorry for not replying before.

On Thu, 10 Jul 2014 20:48:47 +0200, Felix Natter wrote:

> [..]
> In testing/jessie, josm fails to build with jmapviewer 1.03:
> [..]
> --> Shall I create a bug report against josm for that or is it fixed in
>     experimental (which I haven't tried)?
> --> Do I have to do anything to prevent jmapviewer-1.03 from entering
>     jessie?

I have a new upstream version ready(ish) for unstable, but due to bandwidth
constraints (I'm currently using my mobile phone to connect), I can do it only
on Thursday afternoons. And today, my laptop decided to die because of an
half-completed (unnoticed) upgrade. I lost all the afternoon fixing it :/

Next Thursday I should be able to upload it.

In any case, last week I managed to push my changes to git; the latest commit
is 84f4765, branch master. It just needs some build-testing (I recall it was
fine, since I already refreshed the patches), and an upload. :)

So if you want, feel free to make an upload for josm. Otherwise, I'll be
technically impaired until next Thursday. ;)

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