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Re: git repository

Hi Andreas.

Il 06/03/2014 21:57, Andreas Tille ha scritto:
> Hi Giovanni,
> you hopefully did realised (sorry, I intended to inform you right now
> but forgot), that we moved osmosis and osmpbf Git repositories from
> pkg-osm to pkg-grass.  I hope you like this as well - David was fine
> with the move.  Since you are the owner of the files at git.debian.org
> we probably need your intervention to change the group of the files.

No problems on my side (BTW, as I wrote on the pkg-osm mailing list some
months ago, I'm not working anymore on those packages). I changed my
files, which amounts for the osmpbf repository. osmosis appears to be
owned by dapal, so I can't to anything on it.

Let me know if I can do something more for you.

Giovanni Mascellani <giovanni.mascellani@sns.it>
PhD Student - Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy


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