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Retitle "mkgmap: Please include tile splitter"

retitle 664130 RFP: mkgmap-splitter -- Tile splitter for mkgmap
reassign wnpp

Hi Toby,

thanks for your bug report to mkgmap which unfortunately was not
answered for nearly two years.  The reason is that mkgmap was not really
maintained and I just revitalised mkgmap from his orphanage and tried to
work down the list of bugs.

When I noticed your bug requesting mkgmap-splitter I noticed that this
can not really be fixed inside the mkgmap package since it is rather a
different source tree.  So I'm reassigning the bug to the WNPP (Work
Needing and Prospective Packages) as a RFP (Request For Packaging) by
also keeping the Debian GIS team in the row - perhaps somebody takes up
your hint and creates the package.

Kind regards and thanks for your involvement in Debian



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