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libepsilon mini transition

The libepsilon package has been updated to the latest upstream release
0.9.2. This release contains no code changes, it only updates the build
system, and introduces library versioning contributed by frankie.

The library versioning bumps the SOVERSION to 1, which requires a
rebuilds of its reverse dependencies. These dependencies are limited to
only gdal and librasterlite1, and specifically librasterlite1
1.1_svn11-2 in unstable only. The librasterlite 1.1g in experimental
doesn't use libepsilon anymore (since 1.1a).

The packaging of libepsilon is also updated to conform to policy 3.9.5,
support Multi-Arch, and use dh-autoreconf to fix the recently reported

Because only two packages need to be rebuild I propose to rebuild gdal
and librasterlite after libepsilon is uploaded to unstable.

Both build fine with the new libepsilon, only a little care needs to be
taken with librasterlite to make sure you use spatialite 3.1.0~rc2 from
unstable, librasterlite 1.1~svn11 won't build with spatialite 4.1.1.

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