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Re: SpatiaLite transition

Here is an update on the current state of affairs.

libgaiagraphics 0.5-1:

Has been uploaded to experimental, but is not yet built for all
architectures. It still needs to be built for mips &  s390x, it's been
in this state for just over 8 days now.

freexl 1.0.0f-1 & readosm 1.0.0b-2:

Have been uploaded to unstable, and built for all architectures. They
should migrate to testing on October 26th.

spatialite 4.1.1-1 & 4.1.1-2:

Both 4.1.1-1 and 4.1.1-2 have been uploaded to experimental, but 4.1.1-1
FTBFS on 32 bit architectures. The failing testcase has been disabled in
4.1.1-2. It built on most 32 bit architectures where it failed first,
but another testcase has failed on mipsel. It still needs to be build
for armel, armhf, ia64, mips, s390 & s390x.

A bugreport about the failing testcase on 32bit architectures has been
filed upstream.

I've also asked the buildd admins of the mipsel architecture for the
test-case.log. If that's no longer available, access to a porter box
will likely be required to debug this issue.

Kind Regards,


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