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Re: OpenStreetMap tile rendering stack in debian-gis

Hamish wrote:
> > while it is more of an effort to "make it work" than a proper
> > packaging effort,
> I do not agree with the point Hamish is making here.

Careful, I don't think you see my point correctly. :) I wear a
number of hats, in this case I was talking about to make OSGeo's
Live DVD work before it needs to go to the printers for some
specific conference we/I have to use some unkosher hacks (from
from a debian packaging point of view) from time to time. I'm
not trying to say it's a good thing, just different solutions
for a different set of needs. On the xUbuntu OSGeo Live dvd
when the official packages are too far out of date or simply
not there (as is the case for most of the Java apps), we either
pull them from a private PPA (like UbuntuGIS's one), rebuild
them ourselves (as I did for osm2pgsql as we wanted a non-ancient
version), or do some ugly boot time work-around hack to get past
some bug. Some of the packages on the disc are now packaged into
.debs for the first time because of the effort. IMO the PPAs are
a great low-barrier-to-entry low-harassment training ground for
growing new packagers, teaching them the tools. The PPAs are a
total PITA from a the point of view of some sysadmin trying to
maintain a sane system, but that's not really the point or the
target audience.

Our long-term working goal for the osgeo live dvd is to have
everything as deb, and my personal long-term goal is to have
those debs integrated into Debian. (since anything that isn't
is often problematic, and those problems end up becoming my
problems) If a PPA is a step along that road, fine with me.

And so, in general I agree with you! AFA my own efforts, any
effort going into anything but upstream DebianGIS pkging is
wasteful double handling, "do it right the first time" would be
better, but the world can be a fuzzy place with some level of
inefficiency to it.

The scripts I linked to provide some real-world guidance of what
needs to be fixed to get everything working together, and at least
some work-arounds to get folks started, simply "in the hope that
they will be useful", and that's all.

> Do you need a sponsor for your work?

if you have any spare time, I've been trying to get the finalized
OpenCPN package sponsored by someone for almost a year.. (ITP# 538067)
I'd pretty much given up trying until the release freeze was over,
the fastest option was looking like me going through the DD process


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