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[DebianGIS] Approaches to Harmonics Files Packaging

Hello All.

I am working on the OpenCPN package:


and should approach the following problem:

OpenCPN has harmonoics data shipped in raw ascii form
data/tcdata/HARMONIC (a kind of source code) and also in
indexed form data/tcdata/HARMONIC.IDX by using Tide2idx that
is a part of Windows only WXTide32 program, though open
source one.

The Debian already has tide data available as part of
xtide-data and xtide-data-nonfree packages, but it is there
in compiled binary format TCD. This is done by software in
tcd-utils package that has utils for both converting raw
ascii source to TCD form and back from TCD form to raw
ascii source.

But OpenCPN package needs the indexed file produced by Tide2idx
program and cannot understand TCD format. 

Thus, I need to package the indexed form due to the format
differences, but will create a kind of duplicate data since
same data already exists but just in different format. Does it
sound right? Ideally I would consider have some package with
raw source data that is than converted to whatever form is
appropriate form during the build?

Any thoughts are welcomed.

Anton Martchukov                     http://www.martchukov.com
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