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[DebianGIS] Packaging of World Vector Shoreline (WVS) data

Hi again.

During the peer review of my OpenCPN package it was noted
that it is good to package NOAA World Vector Shoreline data


This is the data destributed by NOAA on their web site:


OpenCPN ships wvs1.dat and wvs43.dat, but on NOAA there are
also different resolution data also.

As I understand, the best way is to create separate package
say noaa-wvs-data that is not related to OpenCPN at all
since the data is not OpenCPN related at all?

And it probably should have different versions like
noaa-wvs-data-res1, noaa-wvs-data-res43, etc.

Any concerns or suggestions? Alternatively I can package
them as opencpn-wvs and just place wvs1.dat and wvs43.dat
there, but probably completely separate way is better,
is not it?

Anton Martchukov                     http://www.martchukov.com
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