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Re: [DebianGIS] help with dpatch

[I'm subscribed, no need to CC]

On Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 6:08 PM, Hamish <hamish_b@yahoo.com> wrote:

> rookie question: so I've done a svn checkout of the debian/
> dir from DebianGIS svn, and put it in the extracted tarball's
> main dir, and run 'debuild binary' from there. How do I generate
> a .changes file?

Normally debuild will do that. Hmm, what is 'debuild binary'? Ah,
reading the manual page it just runs debian/rules. Best run just
'debuild', that will call dpkg-buildpackage which builds packages and
also generates the .changes files.

> breakdown of much of it:
> /usr/share/opencpn$ du-sh *
> 1.2M    s57data    # cartographic rendering rules (text files)
> 2.0M    sounds     # custom made .wav alarms (binary)
> 7.8M    tcdata     # tide data from GPL xtide port (text files)
>                 the existing xtide-data package can help here.
> 6.9M    wvsdata    # world vector boundary from same xtide port
> pkg the natural earth.org world boundary shapefiles? (public
> domain)
> (wtides32 port of xtides for Windows is GPL, but the author is
> a bit of a jerk about charging $25 or something like that for the
> source code duplication fee, so source for that not avail online
> AFAIK and these files are probably taken from the .exe install)

It is best not to have embedded copies of code or data (one day I'll
file bugs about all the duplicated Unicode data in the archive), so
some of that should be packaged separately and removed from OpenCPN
upstream. Only reason some data should ship with OpenCPN is if OpenCPN
is the canonical upstream for the data. If not, package the correct
upstream and depend on it.

> finally, the full reference manual is 6.2mb, much of it .png
> images in /usr/share/doc/opencpn/doc/images. I'll have to run
> my bulk pngcrush script* on that to see if that helps. (it doesn't
> flatten the color palette though, which can make a big difference)
> [*] see scripts/ dir in the [modern] gpsdrive source code

optipng and advpng usually do better than pngcrush, not sure if you use them.



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