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Re: [DebianGIS] help with dpatch

Paul wrote:
> [I'm subscribed, no need to CC]

sorry, I'm used to modern listservs automatically stripping that
and I've gotten into the reflex habit of ignoring the issue. I
get bitten when the mailing list doesn't do the duplication check
for me at distribution-time..

> Normally debuild will do that. Hmm, what is 'debuild
> binary'? Ah, reading the manual page it just runs debian/rules.
> Best run just 'debuild', that will call dpkg-buildpackage which
> builds packages and also generates the .changes files.

ok, will do.

> It is best not to have embedded copies of code or data (one
> day I'll file bugs about all the duplicated Unicode data in the
> archive), so some of that should be packaged separately and
> removed from OpenCPN upstream. Only reason some data should
> ship with OpenCPN is if OpenCPN is the canonical upstream for
> the data. If not, package the correct upstream and depend on it.

I'm happy for debian to live by strict rules, but I'm not really
going to do anything more than make mild suggestions about how
upstream should organize their house. For popular stuff sure
depend on it, but e.g. beyond Sylvain's libS52 project in the
OpenEV CVS contrib/, I don't know if any other public project
even knows that s57 code exists. So hard to find stuff ends up
being bundled.

> optipng and advpng usually do better than pngcrush, not
> sure if you use them.

no, I didn't know about them. thanks for the tip!



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