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Re: [DebianGIS] A possible exception for GRASS

Francesco wrote:
> Most of the changes can be converted in a non intrusive patch for
> current squeeze version, but the change in its default GUI (from Tk to
> WxPython) would require a complete change in current dependencies
> (Wx dependencies should become Required instead of Suggested and
> viceversa for Tk deps).

The full-Depends on tcl/tk should stay in spite of the default GUI change.
The vector digitizer (v.digit) and NVIZ visualization tools require it.

It is hoped that the wx version of v.digit (well, the backport of ctypes
support actually) will be ready for 6.4.1, but the wx version of NVIZ may
take longer to arrive (still needs to be ported from C++ to python). Both
the vector digitizer and 3D vis are core components of the GIS and should
not be left to the whim of APT::Install-Recommends "true|false";.

the change to default wx in lib/gis/parser.c means that wx should be a
full dep out of the box* though.

[*] fwiw users may easily change the default GUI themselves at runtime by
either a) a command line switch at startup, b) from the GRASS command
prompt with the g.gui module, or c) using the Config->GRASS working
enviro->Change default GUI entry in the GUIs. Thus, if wx is missing the
two old tcltk GUIs and command line module GUIs are still usable & it's
more of a policy change than a code one.



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