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[DebianGIS] help with dpatch


in my novice way I'm trying to get dpatch to work in the OpenCPN 'rules'
file, but I seem to be missing something and the patch is not being


I suspect I need a Makefile rule like "config: patch" to enable it, but
can't seem to get it right, and haven't had much luck with hardcoding
explicit quilt commands either. I'm sure it'll be some trivial oversight.

.. after this the package will be lintian clean*, although IIRC I still
get some "you're needlessly depending on..." warnings out of debuild's
check shared libs final step.

[* ITP: http://bugs.debian.org/538067   a new version has been released
since that initial report (2.1.0), solving all(??) of the problems raised
by the mentor and the current debiangis alioth svn is now targeted
against the new 2.1.624a (2.1.svn rev 624~a) version]

any hints?


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