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[DebianGIS] A possible exception for GRASS

Dear RMs

the Grass team has released a few days ago the long waited final 6.4.0
version, developed since more than 2 years. The current version in
sid/testing is a specific snapshot taken after 6.4.0RC6 and I counted
164 files touched in moving from it to 6.4.0 final. 

Among them, 84 files are .po files and so potentially of interest for an
update and a few other files are about .html and documentation changes.

Some changes are mswin related only and other anes are related to projection
data (not code). 

A few fixes are about the python interface, which is
also NOW the default one. I'm still reviewing a few other changes but
my general impression is that it is a reasonable improvement in respect
with current squeeze version (i.e. fixes some glitches and does not
break things) without big potential problems. 

Most of the changes can be converted in a non intrusive patch for
current squeeze version, but the change in its default GUI (from Tk to
WxPython) would require a complete change in current dependencies
(Wx dependencies should become Required instead of Suggested and
viceversa for Tk deps).

So my guess is that we have to live with a pre-6.4 in squeeze which
is essentially identical to the final 6.4.0, but for the default GUI.

This is a pre-alert (and call for their comments) for RMs and an explanation
for d-gis interested parties.

A more complete reviewing is in preparation, along with a final upload to
sid if other issues will not appear in the mean time.

PS: the new upload will retain the r43239 tag anyway, which is a bit
    confusing, but does not require an annoying bounce of binNMUs...
    I will add some note about that in the README.Debian file.

Francesco P. Lovergine

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