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Re: [DebianGIS] Prospective transitions

Francesco wrote:
> What if freeze was tomorrow?
> well we are quite in a decent shape. Basically, at my
> knowledge the only missing transition is about netcdf
> 4.1. You know, I'm always not inclined to add the latest
> and greatest when freezing time are too near and netcdf
> is not an exception, but the missing 4 version takes off
> main a few packages, indeed.
> My urgencies:
> * fixating spatialite
> * adding rasterlite and ossim-tools packages (possibly)
> * adding orfeo toolbox (possibly)
> It would be nince having some hints about OSM-related
> packages and possibly other hints in order to prepare a
> summary for d-release folks, as requested by Phil yesterday.


not a toolchain package, but my 1c wish is for the gpsdrive
package to be updated to 2.10pre7. (+OSM tile projection patch)

the base package should be pretty quick as it is already
debianized, but getting all the optional mapnik+OSM goodness
functional could take a bit more time. bonus is that the new ver
lets us close some security bugs.


ps- QGIS is back in testing for the first time in years- a big
congrats and thank you!


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