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Re: [DebianGIS] Prospective transitions

Hmm... I would have liked to get MapServer 5.6.2 before the freeze but if the freeze is tomorrow, I think it's too late. I guess the MS 5.6.2 release is supposed to be this week.


Francesco P. Lovergine wrote:
What if freeze was tomorrow?

well we are quite in a decent shape. Basically, at my knowledge the only
missing transition is about netcdf 4.1. You know, I'm always not inclined
to add the latest and greatest when freezing time are too near and netcdf
is not an exception, but the missing 4 version takes off main a few
packages, indeed.

My urgencies:

* fixating spatialite
* adding rasterlite and ossim-tools packages (possibly)
* adding orfeo toolbox (possibly)

It would be nince having some hints about OSM-related packages and possibly other hints in order to prepare a summary for d-release
folks, as requested by Phil yesterday.

Alan Boudreault

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