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Re: [DebianGIS] QGIS package [was: Re: ncview]

On 14/07/09 10:47, Hamish wrote:
frankie@debian wrote:
Mainly policy compliance and setting up the required framework to manage
smooth plugins updates. I already sent a message about that on the
qgis-dev list. No answers at my knowledge...

Then I would suggest to send .deb version a.b.c-0 to sid/experimental with
plugins (or plugin updates) disabled. This could get the bulk of the non-
plugin packaging issues dealt to and perhaps motivate others to help
with plugin needs.

Do the qgis plugins have a firefox-like addon update structure?? (eek)
If so, can we ship a static snapshot of them? I'd prefer to keep things
in main and just deal with some things being out of date, but perhaps
the volatile repo is another option. Moving targets and external downloads
will not help to get it packaged quickly..

There are four types of plugins:

- The "core" plugins which ship with QGIS (e.g. delimited-text, georef, etc) and which, in the current definitions of the debian directory in the QGIS tree, are in the qgis package.

- The grass plugin which is in the qgis-plugin-grass and qgis-plugin-grass-common package.

- The 'plugin installer' plugin which is in the python-qgis-common package, and which, once activated allows to then download the

- Other plugins which you can download and update from within the plugin installer in QGIS.

I guess "only" the first three need to be worried about...


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