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Re: [DebianGIS] Two weeks to get QGIS into the next Ubuntu 9.04 release

El sáb, 07-02-2009 a las 10:26 +1100, Cameron Shorter escribió:
> Sounds like bringing qgis into debian is harder than I originally 
> thought, but I haven't given up yet....

> Francesco P. Lovergine wrote:
> > DebianGis package is stalled at 0.11.0 since last september with
> > changes from me and Ruben. Uploading that version is pointless,

I have v1.0.0 locally installed after trivial changes to the debian/ dir
in the d-gis repo... but as I said to Frankie, I use Qgis in a very
basic way... I haven't tried things like the python stuff or the
grass-plugin... I asked for testing on debian-qgis but just Frankie
proposed (ad commited) changes... no other comments were received...

> > I'm NOT the candidate Qgis maintainer, Ruben proposed himself
> > for that. It requires a very dedicated maintainer who is
> > able to follow upstream development, merge suitable patches
> > for main issues and produce a new package almost from scratch at every
> > new release.

As I said before I'm using just basic features, It should be enought
reason to don't maintain it just myself, but I will be happy to offer
help if Qgis is maintained by a team (or a more experienced user).

> Ruben, do you still have the time to help qgis into debian?
Yes, I still have time and interest...

> Do you know what needs to be done, (and can point a newbie like me at 
> any grunt work needing to be done).
No, I can't point out the work needed... I was doing just QA work:
fixing lintian warnings, naming conventions..., you can count me as a
newbie too...

> > Also having Ruben and Jurgen working separately on different repos
> > does not help.
> Using the same repository, as suggested by Frankie sounds like it would 
> be helpful in the long term. Are there any reasons why this is not 
> happening yet?
> Which repository should be used?
There are no reasons, AFAIK... Jürgen can work on debian-gis repo, or we
can send patches to him for his repo if he is interested... It's the
same for me...

(and sorry for the late reply, I was out of city)

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