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Re: [DebianGIS] [OSGeo-Discuss] FOSS4G LiveCD

Cameron Shorter wrote:
> For FOSS4G2009, we have been discussing whether we should use the 
> LiveDVD as the basis for workshops. (The other high contender will be 
> osgeo4win, based on windows, as many workshop attendees will be familiar 
> with windows)

oh, and osgeo4win as the primary is a complete non-starter until such time
as we can distribute a FOSS live MS-Windows DVD.

Definitely include the latest MS-Win & Mac binaries in a root dir of the
ISO9660 format disc so users can easily install on their own machines!, but
regardless of FOSS "politics", effective workshop teaching depends on the
entire class and instructor sharing an identical experience. Otherwise it
quickly slips into a multi-hour install fest an no target work gets done.

As long as logins are automatic, icons are provided on the desktop,
GUI widgets (ie user app experience) are cross-platform, and data is
placed in an obvious spot within the file system, then the underlying
operating system choice shouldn't be an issue for the class.



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