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[DebianGIS] josm in Debian - web API stability? (Was: Hi all!)

[Christopher Schmidt]
> In general, API changes are a 'last resort', when the behavior/data
> model has changed too much to continue to support the 'old way' of
> doing things.

Is this also the expressed opinion of the OSM web API developers?
Where can such statement be seen on the web?

The reason I ask, is that even though I agree that your statement is a
generally good rule, I am aware of several software projects with
other opinions (For example the linux kernel, which have a policy of
changing _internal_ API when they believe it is a good idea, and the
ffmpeg developers that state that everyone should use the latest
developer snapshot and that all those who do not will get no help from

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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