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Re: [DebianGIS] Hi all!

[Giovanni Mascellani]
> Hi all, members of pkg-grass.
> I subscribed to this mailing list last days. I'm a 17-years-old student
> from Pisa, Italy (about 20 km far from Paolo Cavallini, who I'm pleased
> to see also here!). I'm interested in contributing to the team's work,
> especially with OpenStreetMap-related packages (also because I'm not
> familiar with other GIS software).

I am also very interested in getting all the OSM related tools into
Debian. :)

> I've been in contact for a few days with Andreas Putzo in order to work
> for JOSM (the Java OpenStreetMap editor), and now the package is in the
> NEW queue.
> I'm still quite new to Debian (just two simple packages in my DDPO...),
> and this would be my first experience in team working, but I hope to be
> a good contributor!

Welcome.  I'm the one loosing his patience and uploading josm into
unstable.  We should add a RC bug when it passes NEW to make sure it
stay out of Lenny until the OSM API stabilizes, to avoid maintenance
problems with the stable release.

I've tested josm with both jamvm, gij and sun java, and the first two
have issues with the menus and the drawing of GPX files.  This make me
confident there is work for you still, even if I already did the
initial upload. :)

Perhaps you want to help me with gosmore too?

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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