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Re: [DebianGIS] current situation

Francesco P. Lovergine wrote:
> We used to have a grass-cvs version in the past. I'm not to inclined
> to that because a snapshot is a snapshot, it could be casually
> broken at stable freezing and that would be a pity. Much better
> a decent supported svn branch IMHO.

for the record, 6.3.0 is not being done as a snapshot of the main trunk
and does have its own svn branch ("releasebranch_6_3"). The 6.3.0-RC
series has been drawn from that branch and specific fixes are
backported to it from the trunk.


So it does not suffer from volatile snapshot issues, but AFAIU the
branch will not really be supported with fixes after release. (unless
some really bad bug is found) It is meant as a "technology preview"
gift from the developers to interested power users and beta testers.

And yes, 6.3-svn is pretty bug-free and very usable for day-to-day
work, but it is not as mature and well tested as 6.2.3. Maybe in a
similar way to debian/unstable being quite usable & in truth often more
stable than other distro's stable releases; and debian/stable being
well tested known code with few surprises or bleeding edge gotchas.


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