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Re: [DebianGIS] pgRouting on DebianGIS?

Paolo Cavallini schrieb:
Daniel Kastl ha scritto:

Sorry for not keeping you update. I hoped someone at Orkney could take
some time to work on Debian packages, but those who might know how to do
are too busy at the moment.

Well, the news are:
- There is a 1.0 release available and not many complains in the forum
- This release uses cmake installer (it is easy to install on Ubuntu)
- It is split into pgRouting "core" + optional algorithms "Travelling
Salesperson" and "Driving Distance"

I think it's easier to start with the core shortest path functions,
because they only use libraries, that are already part of Debian.

If I can help, please let me know.
(Unfortunately I don't know how to make Debian packages)

Hi Daniel.
At this point, I think the best option is to coordinate your work with
the DebianGIS initiative (cc:), the *right place* to start serious things.
Frankie, Kobold, anything to say? Packaging it would be a great improvement.
All the best.
Hi Paolo,

Yes, this is the better place to talk about.

I hope the new library structure makes it easier to package pgRouting.
If someone knows a better solution or recommends some changes, please let me know.


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