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[DebianGIS] [openstreetmap@ostertag.name: Fwd: Debian Packages for Openstreetmap Tools]

We have now an up-to-date package thanks to Andreas Putzo with revamping
of internal structure. It would be nice if development could be merged.

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i just saw your post from Oct-11. We already started to get some debian 
packages up and running for the openstreetmap stuff. Maybe you're interested 
in combining efforts. A first start and overview of the debian packages can 
be seen at: 
For all those you can also find the debian controll files in the 
These packages are only a start, so I could install them more easily on all my 
Computers. So they are far from perfect and any help making them better is 



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AK-Palme <ak-palme@ak-palme.de> wrote:

> ich habe mir ein Debian-Paket für josm 1.4 gebaut.

Schau Dir mal http://lwn.net/Articles/254714/ an!


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