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Re: [DebianGIS] EPSG data

> > > About the known EPSG data license issue, I'm going to split those
> > > data in a non-free package for libgeotiff and the same for GDAL.
> > 
> > Bummer, I hope OSGEO can bring about some change on that.
> I pointed a preview of the ongoin new release. It does not solve the
> issue under the debian PoV. As said to other, by-committee stuff
> is often subject to limitations (e.g. W3C or IETF docs). 

IIUC, the "spirit" of the license is that you can do what you want with
the file; but if you modify the coefficients within you can't say it is
the committee's version anymore. In an effort to minimize confusion, if
an error is found EPSG retire the ID containing the error and issue an
entirely new ID. The risk being that the same EPSG Code with differing
details (from different sources) could lead to bad assumptions and so
real-world disaster. The EPSG was formed to try and reign in the chaos.

Would it be ok if we rename it something else? (iceweasel strategy)

Not having easy to install EPSG codes is a huge functionality loss for a
number of packages. If we have to pkg-Suggest a non-free package, could
we also issue a big red warning that it isn't there, on the startup
screens? Or when someone clicks "new location from EPSG code" have it
issue a warning to install the <epsg-data> package? That could work for
GRASS, but GDAL depends on it too much?


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