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Re: [DebianGIS] A64 versions??

--- Paul Wise <pabs@debian.org> wrote:

> On 5/3/07, Brent Wood <pcreso@pcreso.com> wrote:
> > Just a question, I see only 32bit is supported. Is there a plan to include
> > 64bit at all? When?
> Debian already supports amd64:

I know. I'm running it. Sorry I didn't make myself clear. I was referring to
the DebianGIS repository, & DebianGIS files.

On the DebianGIS website it says:
"We only support i386 architecture currently. Other architectures could be
added in the future, but we have not a buildd environment for that, so builds
should be done manually or using an unofficial buildd network."

Which to me says clearly that there are no 64bit DebianGIS packages.

Index of /debian-gis/dists/stable/main/binary-amd64:
[   ] Packages                17-Apr-2007 13:00    0   
[   ] Packages.gz             17-Apr-2007 13:00   20   
[   ] Release                 17-Apr-2007 13:00  414   
[   ] Release.gpg             17-Apr-2007 13:00    0  

Index of /debian-gis/dists/stable/main/binary-i386
[   ] Packages                17-Apr-2007 13:00  3.4K  
[   ] Packages.gz             17-Apr-2007 13:00  1.1K  
[   ] Release                 17-Apr-2007 13:00  413   
[   ] Release.gpg             17-Apr-2007 13:00    0

This from the ftp site, also shows no A64 packages from DebianGIS, a pretty
consistent picture.

Also, for example, Synaptic shows no Postgis for my system, but docs, etc. are
there. (see

A search for postgis on the Debian packages site yeilds a link to 

Which doesn't exist.

I had assumed that with the release of Debian v4, most packages would be
current, but packages like Postgres, QGIS, GEOS, etc are not the current
versions of these, and as I mentioned above, Postgis is supposedly there but I
can't find it.

I have typically used OpenSuse (apologies :-) for my FOSS GIS workstation, but
finished up compiling everything I needed from source, as there are no packages
available. I was hoping Debian would be a step forward in this regard, but it
seems pretty similar.


   Brent Wood

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