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Re: [DebianGIS] Why can't I get packages from the debiangis repo?

2006/7/2, Hamish <hamish_nospam@yahoo.com>:

maybe something like:

apt-get -V install grass=6.0.1+cvs20060309-0.dgis.unstable.1

The issue is that my apt doesn't know nothing about other GRASS versions, look:

onix:/home# aptitude search grass
i   grass                                                          -
Geographic Resources Analysis Support System
i   grass-doc                                                      -
Geographic Resources Analysis Support System documentation
i   libgdal1-1.3.1-grass                                           -
GRASS extension for the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
i A libgrass                                                       -
GRASS GIS development libraries
i   libgrass-dev                                                   -
GRASS GIS library development files
i   qgis-plugin-grass                                              -
Plugin for accessing GRASS data from QGIS

At first I thought it was something related do the
/etc/apt/preferences, but then I did exactly as recommended in the
Debian-GIS wiki. It was for the purpose of clearing that preferences
issue that I posted my /etc/apt/preferences in the previous message.

But, as I already compiled grass from cvs, it is now a minor issue.
I have some issues with shared libs on my locally compiled grass, but
I'll try to sort'em out myself.

I find the version numbering very misleasing, esp as 6.0.2 is the
current GRASS 6.0.x package. Suggest changing it to grass_6.1+cvs$DATE...

Me too.

maybe change the CVS package name to grass6.1 so the CVS version doesn't
automatically upgrade a 6.0 install?

Or maybe just grass6+cvs

I hope we can have a GRASS 6.1.0 "development preview" release soon,
which can be the GRASS version released with Etch.

Whatever, I can just compile myself, now that I did it for the first time =]
Paulo Marcondes = PU1/PU2PIX
-22.915 -42.229 = GG87vc (http://www.amsat.org/cgi-bin/gridconv)
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