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Re: [DebianGIS] Why can't I get packages from the debiangis repo?

> I can't get
> grass_6.0.1+cvs20060309-0.dgis.stable.1_i386.deb listed.
> BTW, I am running testing.

you want


maybe something like:

apt-get -V install grass=6.0.1+cvs20060309-0.dgis.unstable.1


I find the version numbering very misleasing, esp as 6.0.2 is the
current GRASS 6.0.x package. Suggest changing it to grass_6.1+cvs$DATE...
and letting users worry about automatic upgrades, as these will not be
official packages. I don't think there is a problem for DebianGIS users
to use GRASS 6.1, unless you want more testing for the 6.0.x packages.

maybe change the CVS package name to grass6.1 so the CVS version doesn't
automatically upgrade a 6.0 install?

I hope we can have a GRASS 6.1.0 "development preview" release soon,
which can be the GRASS version released with Etch.


ps - I will prepare new QGIS packages for stable when GDAL 1.3.2 for
stable has arrived in DebianGIS.

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