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[DebianGIS] Fwd: [Freegis-list] GDAL/OGR 1.3.0 Released

New upstream version available. A number of important improvements, so it 
would be great to have it packaged.
Please note: it contains the new OGR driver for GRASS, which has presumably 
the same issues (crossdependency) as the GDAL grass driver; its natural place 
would therefore seem to be in the package libgdal1-grass.
All best wishes.

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Subject: [Freegis-list] GDAL/OGR 1.3.0 Released
Date: 23:42, lunedì 15 agosto 2005
From: Frank Warmerdam <fwarmerdam@gmail.com>
To: GDAL <gdal-dev@lists.maptools.org>, "freegis-list@intevation.de" 


At last, the GDAL/OGR 1.3.0 final release is out there.


From the NEWS file:

GDAL 1.3.0 - Overview of Changes

 - Lots of work done to implement support for multiple threads reading
   from distinct GDALDataset objects at the same time.

GDALRasterBand / Persistant Auxilary Metadata (PAM):
 - Support for preserving a variety of metadata in a supporting XML file.
 - GDALRasterBand now supports "remembering" histograms, and has a concept
   of the default histogram.
 - GDALRasterBand now supports remembering image statistics.
 - Disabled by default (set GDAL_PAM_ENABLED=YES to turn on).
 - Supported by *most* drivers with some caveats.

 - This function is a low level work horse for copying and converting pixel
   data in GDAL.  It has been substantially optimized by Steve Soule

Next Generation Bindings:
 - Kevin Ruland and Howard Butler are working on reworked support for
   SWIG to generate Python, PHP, Java, C# and other language bindings for
 GDAL and OGR.

VB6 Bindings:
 - Now substantially complete, see VB6 directory.

HDF5 Driver:
 - New HDF5 driver implemented by Denis Nadeau.

RMF Driver:
 - New driver for Raster Matrix Format by Andrey Kislev.

MSGN (Meteosat Second Generation Native) Driver:
 - New driver implemented by Frans van der Bergh.

VRT Driver:
 - Fixed whopper of a memory leak in warped raster case.

NetCDF Driver:
 - Preliminary CF conventions support by Denis Nadeau.

NITF Driver:
 - NITF files between 2 and 4 GB in size can now be read and written.

JPEG Driver:
 - Added support for reading EXIF as metadata by Denis Nadeau.

DODS Driver:
 - Fixed up libdap 3.5.x compatibility.

JP2ECW (JPEG2000 ECW SDK) Driver:
 - Implemented support for new GML-in-JPEG2000 specification.
 - Implemented support for old MSI "worldfile" box.

JP2KAK (JPEG2000 Kakadu) Driver:
 - Implemented support for new GML-in-JPEG2000 specification.
 - Implemented support for old MSI "worldfile" box.

PCIDSK Driver:
 - tiled files now supported for reading.
 - overviews now supported for reading.

HFA (Imagine) Driver:
 - Supports creating internal overviews in very large files.
 - Support reading class names.
 - Support creating compressed files.

GeoTIFF Driver:
 - Support reading files with odd bit depths (ie. 3, 12, etc).
 - Support 16/24bit floating point TIFFs (per Technote 3) (Andrey).
 - Support 12bit jpeg compressed imagery using libjpeg "MK1" library.

HDF4 Driver:
 - Added support for ASTER Level 1A, 1B and 2 products (Andrey).

OGR 1.3.0 - Overview of Changes

 - WKT (and GML) encoding now attempts to preserve pretty much full double
 - geometries are now "coordinate dimension preserving" rather than
 dynamically figuring out dimension depending on whether Z is set.  So a
 geometry can now be 3D even if all z values are zero.
 - Fixed up proper EMPTY geometry support per standard.

GRASS Driver:
 - New driver for GRASS 6 vector data written by Radim Blazek.

Interlis Driver:
 - New driver for Swiss Interlis format from Permin Kalberer (SourcePole).

Shape Driver:
 - Fixed logic for degenerate polygons (Baumann Konstantin).

PostgreSQL/PostGIS Driver:
 - Implemented fast GetExtent() method (Oleg Semykin).
 - Implemented layer type from geometry_columns (Oleg Semykin).
 - Handle PostGIS 1.0 requirements for coordinate dimemsion exactness.
 - Handle EWKT type in PostGIS 1.0.
 - Generally PostGIS 0.x and 1.0 should now be supported fairly gracefully.
 - Added PostGIS "binary cursor" mode for faster geometry access.

VRT Driver:
 - Pass through attribute queries to underlying driver.
 - Pass through spatial queries as attribute filters on the underlying layer.

S57 Driver:
 - Added concept of supporting different profiles.
 - Added prototype AML profile support.

MySQL Driver:
 - Fixed for FID recognition (eg. mediumint).

GML Driver:
 - Various fixes for generated GML correctness (Tom Kralidis).

TIGER/Line Driver:
 - Added Tiger 2004 support.

Oracle Driver:
 - Use VARCHAR2 for fixed size string fields.
 - Use OCI_FID config variable when creating layers, and reading select

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