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[Pkg-grass-general] Re: state of DebianGIS

[Paolo Cavallini]
> Hi all.
> Especially for newcomers, I believe it is useful to have an outline of the 
> current status of the project; I list the most relevant issues, ass I see 
> them, in order of priority of action, from high to low.

You forgot to mention the Java packages.  There is some effort going
on to get Java GIS tools working with the free Java VMs, and good
progress is being made.  The Debian Java project is working on
improving the Java VMs, and the list of GIS related packages is
available from
Several of the java dependencies have already made it into
debian/main, and some of the missing features to get classpath working
with Jump is already in place.

The Java VM developers have asked for more feedback and test results,
so I urge all people interested in the Java GIS tools to test them
with the free Java VMs and report the status and problems to the
Debian Java project (BTS or #debian-java).

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