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Re: [Pkg-grass-general] Re: Updated grass 5.7 package

On Wed, 2004-12-01 at 01:15, Dan Jacobson wrote:
> Steve> - change package name back to 'grass'
> OK, in README.debian I hope you tell people what to do if they ever
> need to use v.in.dbx again. I suppose there is no workable
> alternatives at the moment. Maybe if I copy old
> /usr/lib/grass5/bin/v.in.dxf to ~/bin before upgrading, I can still do
> v.in.dxf -a ?

Apparently v.in.dwg is the thing, but it requires a proprietary library
and can't be included in Debian. There is some discussion in this bug:

> Also mention to use g.list type=oldvect or else the user will think
> they have been hacked.
> And mention if one doesn't use g.setproj what bad will happen.

I intend to include a note about upgrade issues somewhere. As a debconf
screen or administrator email. I haven't gone through an upgrade myself,
so I don't know exactly what the issues are. I have seen some conversion
info here:

> I see the two libgrass's still are called libgrass5.7.

This is on purpose. I'm not sure how stable the grass API is. But the
libgrass packages probably need to be versioned to prevent dependant
packages from breaking when grass is upgraded. I'm not wise in the ways
of library packaging. But I'm going on the information here:

grass libraries don't have sonames so what the proper package names
should be will require some further investigation.


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