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Re: [Pkg-grass-general] gdal/grass -- need your comments

Silke Reimer wrote:
Some remarks to the current packages:

- Frank, I renamed the gdal_GRASS-library to libgdal1grass since
  this reflects the way libraries are handled in debian. I hope this
  is OK. The second issue is, that we probably need to build a
  development package for gdalgrass to get the package into debian.
  But since we still have no grass 5.7 package in debian there is no
  need to hurry.


Unfortunately, this will cause the grass driver plugin to not work
properly.  The code scans the target directory looking for "gdal_*.so".
Then after loading it, it looks for an entry point Register* based
on the shared library name.  So, it is necessary to retain the
exact name gdal_GRASS.so as things stands.

I'm sorry this doesn't follow Debian conventions, but you should
keep in mind this is really a "plugin" not a library that anyone
could link against in a meaningful fashion.

Best regards,

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