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Re: [Pkg-grass-general] importing grass 5.7 files into alioth cvs

> Ok, seems like branching is the way to go. I plan to create a 5.0.x
> branch from current cvs head (cvs tag -b branch-5_0_x). Then commit
> changes for 5.7 into cvs head. Here is an attempt at some ascii art:
>                  .--------- possible branch-5_3_x
> branch-5_0_x     |
>      .-----------+-------
>      |
> -----+-------------------------
> grass-5_0_3-4        cvs head - 5.7 development happens here

Note that the new stable version of grass, 5.4.0, has been tagged in CVS
and will be released 'real soon now' .. if that affects your plans any.


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