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Re: [Pkg-grass-general] Re: DebianGis: Packaging postgis/geos

Hi Roberto,

> First release of postgis package is ready to be evaluated.
> You can find it in ftp://daisyred.it/debian/postgis (this is not a
> apt-getable repository)
> Package is lintian clean, but I need feedback because I'm quite new to
> "the best practices of packaging".

Some comments about the package:

- the package must build automatically. This means: either postgis can
  be compiled using the include files and libs provided by postgresql-dev.
  Or you need to create an combined package of both postgresql and
  postgis sources. You might use dbs for this purpose (the build system
  also used by postgresql).

- libgeos-dev and proj are missing in the build deps. You might want to
  use pbuilder to check for complete build dependencies.

- you ship empty /usr/lib/postgres/lib and /usr/lib/postgres/bin/
  directories. You should remove them from debian/dirs.

- debian/copyright should include the actual copyright. This seems to be
  the following line:

Copyright 2001-2003 Refractions Research Inc.

- it would be nice to have doc/html/postgis.html and the examples in the

Besides this, it looks Ok so far.


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