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Re: [Pkg-grass-general] Re: DebianGis: Packaging postgis/geos

First release of postgis package is ready to be evaluated.
You can find it in ftp://daisyred.it/debian/postgis (this is not a
apt-getable repository)

Package is lintian clean, but I need feedback because I'm quite new to
"the best practices of packaging".

Bug #146051 is open, and at this time I didn't receive any news from
the original poster or others, I'll wait again before taking ownership
of ITP.
There is also something I would like to address before eventually I
submit this deb to mentors.
Please help me to complete this TODO list including priority:

* debconf asking if a new database should be created
* building postgis.jar, requires entering the dangerous world of debian-java.
Actually libpgjava doesn't come from postgresql debian source and
provides 2 versions of postgres.jar, one is compiled with j2sdk 1.3
and one with 1.4, for jdbc2 / jdbc3 compatibility.
* ...


Roberto Boati <roberto.boati@gmail.com>
Daisy Red - http://www.daisyred.it

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