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Re: [Pkg-grass-general] Re: Bug#264566: Any progress on grass 5.7?

> I do not think 5.3 is much more stable than 5.7, anyway (or, am I
> wrong?), and 5.0 is definitely too old. We work with 5.7 as users, in
> production, without major problems. And things should stabilize soon.
> In my view, the best thing for Debian-GIS would be to get ready
> (solving the grass57-gdal-qgis intricacies) for January or so, when
> the whole system should be ready.

mmph, forgot in that last email- qgis needs GRASS 5.7 (for GRASS support).

by the way, this is worth checking out.


While "open source", I'm not sure which license it uses.
It would have to be tested with one of the newly-included in Debian java
clones before considering as well...


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