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Re: gcc-4.1: debian/patches/gcc-long-double.dpatch fails to apply

Ludovic Brenta writes:
> Matthias Klose <doko@cs.tu-berlin.de> writes:
> > prepared for sid unfreezing again after etch is released. the first
> > thing to do is to update glibc and then binutils and gcc. You can find
> > both versions needed in experimental.
> >
> >> I propose to revert the offending changes in the sid branch; if you
> >> want to commit changes not intended for sid, create a new branch for
> >> them.  Would you care to suggest a name for that new branch?
> >
> > Please do not. We really don't need it. I consider sid as the trunk.
> Well in that case, the "trunk" is broken, as it is ahead of sid.  What
> do you suggest to solve that problem?

work in a chroot and install libc6-dev and binutils from


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