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Re: gcc-4.1 [gfdl] documentation packages for non-free

On Sun, Sep 17, 2006 at 11:02:16AM +0400, Nikita V. Youshchenko wrote:

> > Why is this a native Debian package? I know that the tarball it is based
> > on is not one distributed as such by upstream, but it is based on files
> > from an upstream source. The way you do it now, you can't see what you
> > have changed in the documentation, because there is no diff.gz file.
> If I separate files taken from upstream into '.orig.tar.gz', where should I 
> place Makefile that I wrote to build documentation?
> Since this file is not from upstream, looks like should place it 
> to .diff.gz
> But if I do that, .orig.tar.gz file will be of little interest itself, 
> without .diff.gz

It really doesn't matter if the orig.tar.gz is useful or not.

> If the only reasoning to split is informationl, I guess a README file in 
> debian/, plus usage of dpatch if any patches will be added, will serve the 
> same purpose better.

Well, in the Debian Policy, the only reason for making a native package
is described in this way:

"[The debian_revision] is optional; if it isn't present then the
upstream_version may not contain a hyphen. This format represents the
case where a piece of software was written specifically to be turned
into a Debian package, and so there is only one "debianization" of it
and therefore no revision indication is required."

The GCC documentation is not written specifically to be turned into a
Debian package. On the other hand, there is no MUST or MAY NOT in the
Policy about native packages.

> Also, with currently implemented versioning scheme, new -doc packages get 
> versions that dpkg will consider higher than old -doc packages that are 
> removed from archive, but stay on users systems. So, if users have 
> non-free in their sources, they will get new packages transparently.

You can also do that if you keep the same versioning scheme as the
current gcc packages, and just bump the Debian revision.

Another advantage of making it a non-native package is that the
orig.tar.gz only has to be uploaded once for every upstream release,
whenever you change something and create a new package with an increased
Debian revision, you only need to upload the diff.gz to the archives.

By the way, apart from this, I can see nothing wrong with your package :)

Met vriendelijke groet / with kind regards,
      Guus Sliepen <guus@debian.org>

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