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gcc-4.1 [gfdl] documentation packages for non-free


I'm one of those people beaten by recent removal of gcc documentation. Both 
myself and people to whom I recommend Debian, *need* gcc documentation to 
be available in the system.

So I had four options:
- start a new flamewar on the issue,
- stop to use Debian (and to recomment it),
- install documentation in non-package form,
- create appropriate documentation debs (for non-free).

Since I'm a DD, the only real option for me was the last one.

I've created gcc-4.1-doc-non-dfsg package, intended for non-free. This 
package builds several binary packages (cpp-4.1-doc, gcc-4.1-doc, 
gfortran-4.1-doc, tree;ang-4.1-doc), that contain all files - man pages, 
info and html docs - that have been in gcc-4.1 4.1.1-10 package [last 
version before documentation removal], but are not in the current 
4.1.1ds1-13 package.

I'm going to upload this to non-free.
But before that, I'd like interested people to look into the package, and 
give any comments they feel appropriate.
Currently, I've put the package to 

If things will go well, I'll create similar things for other gcc version, 
and also gcc-doc-non-dfsg that will play the same role for documentation 
as gcc-defaults package plays for compiler itself.


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