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Bug#176311: gcc-3.2: configure generated from broken libtool.m4

On Fri, Jan 24, 2003 at 05:27:45PM +0100, Franz Sirl wrote:
> >Ryan Murray provided a patch, which I attach here. Needed for the 3.3
> >branch as well. checked on mips{,el}-linux and i386-linux only.
> >
> >The patch touches a few Makefile.am's to remove the
> >--tag option to libtool (doesn't exist), and then uses autoreconf on the
> >subdirs, and copies in things to the top level.
> >gnu automake....)
> The --tag option doesn't exist in your libtool simply because the one used 
> in gcc is from a different libtool branch. Simply don't touch these files 

The branch of libtool that supports --tag has been totally untouched
in cvs for at least two years.  It doesn't work for mips{,el}-linux

> unless you know exactly what you are doing with this _extremely_ fragile 
> stuff. This is certainly no task for 3.2 or 3.3, and Nathaneal already 
> works on the mainline.

I'm aware that it's exteremely fragile, and the effects it has. 
However, gcc 3.2/3.3 doesn't build properly on Linux/mips{,el} without
doing something to address this.  Specifically, libstdc++ and libf2c don't
have their dependencies specified at linktime, because libtool can't figure
out that there are shared libraries available.  If people think fixing the
unmaintained libtool is a better option for 3.2/3.3, I can look at that

Ryan Murray, Debian Developer (rmurray@cyberhqz.com, rmurray@debian.org)
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