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Re: gcc-2.95.3

On Sat, Feb 16, 2002 at 05:56:22PM +0100, Peter Koellner wrote:
> On Sat, 16 Feb 2002, Ben Collins wrote:
> > This is definitely a source bug in i810_audio.c. In 2.5.x somewhere, the
> > remap_page_range() function changed its expected arguments. Seems this
> > driver wasn't updated.
> yes, i know. the whole point was this: for me as a developer, the first
> check for incoming bugreports would be if the build environment was sane,
> which means exactly like stated, since i would not want to run checks with
> different compiler versions, especially if i had stated that there were
> problems with some. so doing a compile with 2.95.4-9 is fine, but before
> reporting bugs i have to use 2.95.3 so the code maintainer gets relevant
> input and does not have to double-check to reproduce the error. simple.

But for us, as gcc folks, when you ask a generic question like "are
there any problems compiling kernel foo with gcc-x.x.x", we can't
feasibly give you an answer because there are hundreds of ways that
there could be a problem with the compiler in that case. Our best effort
would simply be to point you to the list of several hundred bugs and let
you peruse them to see if they relate to you.

Or, you toss in the 3 line error you got, and get a response

See the point?

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