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j'essaie de passer de balsa à mutt/fetchmail/exim.
j'arrive sans problème à recevoir et trier mes mails.
mais je n'arrive pas en en envoyer avec mutt.

j'ai une potato mise à jour en woody.
son nom est `bertol'
et je suis `nico'


voici ce que je réponds à eximconfig :

2                  This is probably what you want for a dialup system
wanadoo.fr         From: lines of outgoing messages
none               other name on incoming mail
none               domains to relay mail for
none               networks or local machine to relay mail for
n                  use RBL
smtp.wanadoo.fr    machine act as smarthost and handle outgoing mail
nico               user account for system administrator mail (ça c'est moi)
y                  replace /etc/aliases

eximconfif dit alors :


The following configuration has been entered:

Mail generated on this system will have `wanadoo.fr' used
as the domain part (after the @) in the From: field and similar places.

The following domain(s) will be recognised as referring to this system:
 localhost, wanadoo.fr

Mail for postmaster, root, etc. will be sent to nico.

Local mail is delivered.

Outbound remote mail is sent via smtp.wanadoo.fr

Note that you can set email addresses used for outgoing mailby editing


~$cat /etc/email-adresses
# This file contains email addresses to use for outgoing mail. Any local
# part not in here will be qualified by the system domain as normal.
# It should contain lines of the form:
#user: someone@isp.com
#otheruser: someoneelse@anotherisp.com
nico: nico.bertol@wanadoo.fr


Quand j'essaie de m'envoyer un mail de test à mon adresses : nico.bertol@wanadoo.fr, le modem ne clignote même pas :(

pièces jointes :

Si quelqu'un peu m'aider, je lui en serai trsè reconnaissant.

Nicolas Bertolissio.

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