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[Freedombox-discuss] some thoughts on URI namespaces

On today's call we talked about whether Plinth or jwchat should be the
start page.
And we currently have Owncloud at the path /owncloud.

I think this question of "URI namespace layout" will become more
important as we add more applications to the box.

One pattern I have been experimenting with is creating subdomains for
each new application which has a web interface.
I think this is more reliable than using folders, since some
applications may assume they are installed at the root /.

So if my PageKite name is markus.pagekite.me, I could have:
- owncloud.markus.pagekite.me
- plinth.markus.pagekite.me
- jwchat.markus.pagekite.me
- radicale.markus.pagekite.me
- diaspora.markus.pagekite.me
- mailpile.markus.pagekite.me
- etc.

These should also work with an "internal" (dnsmasq-provided) domain when
I access the box from within my home network, e.g.:
- owncloud.freedombox
- plinth.freedombox
- jwchat.freedombox
- radicale.freedombox
- diaspora.freedombox
- mailpile.freedombox
- etc.

In Plinth, I may want to have an option to set a "default" one, i.e.
which one should show up at markus.pagekite.me

When using subdomains rather than folders, we also need different Tor
.onion addresses for each application, which is probably preferable anyway.



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