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[Freedombox-discuss] some thoughts on URI namespaces

On 28 December 2014 at 22:45, Markus Sabadello <markus at projectdanube.org>

> On today's call we talked about whether Plinth or jwchat should be the
> start page.
> And we currently have Owncloud at the path /owncloud.
> I think this question of "URI namespace layout" will become more
> important as we add more applications to the box.
> One pattern I have been experimenting with is creating subdomains for
> each new application which has a web interface.
> I think this is more reliable than using folders, since some
> applications may assume they are installed at the root /.
> So if my PageKite name is markus.pagekite.me, I could have:
> - owncloud.markus.pagekite.me
> - plinth.markus.pagekite.me
> - jwchat.markus.pagekite.me
> - radicale.markus.pagekite.me
> - diaspora.markus.pagekite.me
> - mailpile.markus.pagekite.me
> - etc.

I was doing something similar with one of my domains.

It's important in the domain that contains your profile page that the
document and the person entity are delineated. This will facilitate ability
to link to our other properties, and also more easily add future proofed
things such as a public key for PKI.

Note: indieweb, owncloud, diaspora do *not* use this pattern.  They are all
neat systems but I suspect will run into scalability issues for this
reason.  I also hope there may be some work in fbx and/or debian to support

The traditional way to do this separation is with the # character.
Unfortunately in HTP this char is overloaded to mean many things (anchor,
linked data subject, media control, hiding device from server) so it can be
very confusing.  I use #me in my profile, but #i is sometimes used, user
can choose.

Also note that serving up mixed content over different domains, and htp vs
https is something browsers have enormous problems with.  Even something as
simple as using the web crypto API will be problematic cross origin.  Same
applies to a lesser extent for AJAX meshups.

So, while I like subdomains, at least today it poses implementation
challenges.  Possibly best to avoid, unless you're providing fbx entry
point for family members and/or friends.

> These should also work with an "internal" (dnsmasq-provided) domain when
> I access the box from within my home network, e.g.:
> - owncloud.freedombox
> - plinth.freedombox
> - jwchat.freedombox
> - radicale.freedombox
> - diaspora.freedombox
> - mailpile.freedombox
> - etc.
> In Plinth, I may want to have an option to set a "default" one, i.e.
> which one should show up at markus.pagekite.me
> When using subdomains rather than folders, we also need different Tor
> .onion addresses for each application, which is probably preferable anyway.
> Thoughts?
> Markus
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