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[Freedombox-discuss] some thoughts on URI namespaces


on 28/12/14 22:45, Markus Sabadello wrote:
> One pattern I have been experimenting with is creating subdomains for
> each new application which has a web interface.
> I think this is more reliable than using folders, since some
> applications may assume they are installed at the root /.

The problem with subdomains used together with self assigned
ssl-certificates is, that the browser will request the user to add a
security exception for every subdomain, even with a wildcard
certificate. This behavior is completely on the client side. Else the
user would have to install her personal CA in the browser.

Using directories is indeed less reliable, but possibly the better way
in regard to user experience. For software assuming to run in the root
directory, the code has to be rewritten on-the-fly by the webserver,
which is quite dirty.

atb, ingo

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