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[Freedombox-discuss] What do you use your FBX for?

Melvin Carvalho writes:

> Im just wondering if people are actually running freedomboxes for
> useful things right now?

- Blog
- Code/Project Hosting
- File Hosting
- BitTorrent Tracker
- Wiki

It's just a web server running over PageKite with the Bittorrent-Tracker
[0] and Publish [1] projects.


1: https://gitorious.org/project-publish

> What Id like to do
> ==============
> - Chat over XMPP
> - Encryption of data/chat
> - Discover other users and interact socially
> - Participate in an FBX economy

Ditto all of those.  I'd also like to add a Gobby or Etherpad server to
the mix.

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