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[Freedombox-discuss] What do you use your FBX for?

On Sun, Dec 09, 2012 at 02:45:37PM +0000, Bob Mottram wrote:
> On 09.12.2012 14:27, Melvin Carvalho wrote:
>> I havent yet made the leap of hosting my own email.? Did you find
>> problems with spam?

Nope. Running your own mail server properly takes a lot of
skill, but managing 98% of all cases is easy enough.

> So far I havn't had any spam problems.  I'm running spamassassin, and  
> for most of the last two years I've been using gmail as a glorified spam  
> filter - just forwarding everything from my previous gmail account to my  
> home server.

I use gmail the other way round, by bouncing things I want to keep
or gettign clickable hyperlinks (I run a mutt in screen, over an
ssh link).

> In future I'll be trying to ditch gmail altogether and be fully  
> independent.  An increasing proportion of my communications is happening  
> on social networks anyway (Friendica), so email is becoming less  
> important.

Disagree emphatically. Different type of communication, not the same thing.

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