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[Freedombox-discuss] FOAF developers taking FreedomBox into their equation

On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 04:20:46PM +0100, bertagaz at ptitcanardnoir.org 
>On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 02:11:59PM +0000, Clint Adams wrote:
>> I understand wanting to do things half-assed to harness momentum. 
>> What I am concerned about is a future point in time where we have to 
>> throw out the entire AAA infrastructure and replace it with something 
>> else.  If no one is working on these other complex layers, can we be 
>> assured that that will not be necessary?
>I've been quite scared to read here people talking about using dyndns 
>service, so I did some scroogle on the freedombox DNS issue.
>Haven't found a lot of things yet, apart from an old app [1] that is a 
>open source implementation of dynamic DNS service.
>It's note really maintained anymore, but the code is here still here 
>waiting some revival, or rewrite.
>It uses a mysql database as backend, so maybe one way to have this 
>service decentralized might be to change its backend for some other 
>database like couchdb.
>Then every freedombox would have that service running, would register 
>its new IP to this self-hosted service, which would push the change in 
>the couchdb. Or maybe just some freedombox that did agree to run this 
>public service.
>It's just a basic idea that is quite unclear in my brain and need 
>probably a lot of thinking and testing. So if you have ideas yourself, 
>please comment. :)

Well, since you posted this to the FOAF thread, let me take up the 
challenge of thinking in that direction ;-)

This "some other database like couchdb" could be "RDF storage" and "some 
freedombox that did agree to run this" could be "certain context 
mutually declared using FOAF".

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